CD presentation of Kateryna Ostrovska on 07.01.2023, 20.00 in tak Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg/Berlin: Blondzhendike Lider. 

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New CD: Global Tambor - songs in percussion 

Global Tambor

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New Single: Pagode Russo Mesmo

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A version of Luiz Gonzaga´s Pagode Russo, an up-tempo Brazilian song in Forró-style (Arrasta-Pé). Arranged by Katya Morena Russa (lyrics) and Matthias Haffner, this version judges any kind of dictatorship.


Vocals: Ramon Vieira, Rosa Morena Russa Percussion: Matthias Haffner

Bayan: Jakob Neubauer

Sanfona: Beto Correia

Bass: Ric Bass

Balalaika: Alexander Paperny

Mix & Master: Rodrigo de Castro Lopez Video: Marx Braga

Cover Design: Flavio Luiz Nogueira

Salsa Dura Berlin: Reina de la noche

Salsa as its best, featuring Columbian singer Alberto Caicedo. A composition in Salsa Dura style, featuring the greatest Latin musicians in Europe. 

Line Up:

Alberto Caicedo (COL/LUX):  lead vocals, coro

Jeanne Schmartz-Caicedo (LUX):  coro

Marc Bischoff (DE/NL):  piano
Francois Chanut (FR):  double bass
Sam Vloemans (BE):  trumpets
Andy Hunter (USA/DE):  trombones
Christian Fehre (DE):  congas, bongos
Daniel Hahnfeld (DE):  timbales

Christian Fehre (DE):  mixing (The Latin Lab, Köln)

Fernando Alvarez (ES):  mastering (440 Mastering, Madrid)