workshops for companies or businesses

Workshops can be given for business events, private parties and schools.
For large events I have competent and professional colleagues who will support me!

Business events

Do you want to open or round off your company party with a collective drum event? Or maybe you want to reward your team after an exhausting day or a long conference with a musical energizer? In a dynamic, custom-tailored workshop we will allow your employees to forget about their workaday and give them fresh new energy! Of course we will provide the entire group with instruments to ensure the workshop is an unforgettable success: our percussion instruments vary from big, powerful bass drums to stick-played instruments or hand drums. You will be astonished as to the rhythmic abilities your team is capable of developing! Participation in the workshop does not require a musical background or specific musical knowledge!

Interaction and dynamics, correct timing, and group performance: these are themes which will appear within the scope of the workshop. And of course we will not forget about a very essential aspect concerning excellent team building: the fun!
The workshop will last for approximately 60 minutes, but can be adapted to the situation and needs of the participants. Up to 150 people can participate in our workshops, and all instruments will be provided.
Are you inspired? You can request a non-binding offer via e-mail or telephone!

Private parties

A percussion workshop could be the perfect complement to your private party creating a fantastic and productive atmosphere! Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a wedding anniversary or just any special event: percussion is fun and a day of celebration with a percussion workshop will be a memory you won't long forget! Do, however, keep in mind that a percussion workshop is not one of the more quiet events ...