Hit´n Honk

This is supposedly how it all started with jazz: African drums and rhythms meet European wind instruments and harmonies. The fascination for this archetype of all jazz bands is unbroken! With the (re)discovery of all kinds of "world music", new, interesting, exciting rhythms and sounds are added. The eight musicians of "Hit'n'Honk" draw from all these musical sources: sounds and beats from Accra and Havana, from New Orleans and Istanbul, from Rio and - from Berlin!

The musicians of the group played with Till Brönner, Gitte Henning, Yvonne Catterfeld, RIAS-Bigband, Nils Walker, Cindy Lauper, Udo Lindenberg, Gentleman, Robbie Williams, Paulinho da Viola, NDR-Pops-Orchestra, Jocelyn B.Smith, Gioia Feldman, Mikis Theodorakis, Manfred Krug, Charlie Mariano, Ack van Royen, Klaus Doldinger and many more.


Daniel Busch: trb, arr

Christian Meyers: trp

Tilmann Dehnhard: sax, fl

Matthew Bookert: tuba

Topo Gioia: perc

Matthias Haffner: perc

Uli Moritz: perc

Andreas Kohlmann: perc

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